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What is Gemology to Us?

The field of gemology is actually a geoscience that stems out from the study of mineralogy. It focuses purely on natural and artificially created gemstones, while supporting the jewellery industry's efforts for promoting honest and accurate valuation of products. People who focus on the discovery and identification of gems are called gemologists, and most established practicioners have acquired their formal education from some of the top international schools in the industry. Certified gemologists, like those that work here at Gemcamp Laboratories, often solidify their educational foundation from either the Gemological Institute of America or the Gemological Association of Great Britain. Others might also opt to acquire degrees or diplomas from the Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences, the Swiss Gemological Institute or some other acclaimed organizations.

Learning gemology can be useful for anyone seeking to venture into the world of jewellery. Whether you are a buyer, a retailer or even a gemstone cutter- knowing the basic properties of the crystals that you work with can definitely help you in the decision making process.

Gemology is the Study of Gemstones, and it Necessarily Incorporates Several Fields of Science to Support the Gem Trade. The Study of Light Optics, Geology, and Even Chemistry all Play a Part in the Full Development of Gemological Education.

People who buy gem-set jewellery are sometimes met with many unforeseen merchandise traits. For example, the value of a D-colored Flawless graded diamond can be many times more than one of the same color but with VVS2 grade. Likewise a beautiful ruby can command either tens of thousands of dollars or possibly less than a hundred- depending on whether or not its reddish color was produced by natural means or artificial treatment.

Let us help you discover how to identify, separate and appreciate the many types of commonly seen gemstones in the industry. It is our mission to help the public acquire unbiased and independent education on the many topics of the gemstone trade. We seek to provide people with the fundamental knowledge needed to make the best decisions in this industry, so that they can avoid being cheated or swindled when dealing with unsavory characters in the business.

Gemology is a rewarding and fruitful science that gives a spark to what we do. It is uniquely a combination of mineralogy, chemistry and optics as each and every gemstone must be thoroughly studied for its visual and concrete properties. The advancements in technology allow more man-made counterparts and treatments to become commercially viable in the trade, so now is the best time to start learning more about how to protect your interest in the world of gems and jewellery.

Image Credit to Mr. Pierre-Yves Babelon
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