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Jewelry Tips: Illusion Cluster Settings, The Practical Filipino's Choice for Diamond Jewelry Today.

One of the key aspects of the jewelry trade is a sense of rarity and exclusivity. Bigger diamonds have always been able to quickly draw the attention of wandering eyes due to their brilliance and sparkle. The larger stones also tend to rake up extremely steep prices on the market, and in today's practical societies, not everyone wants to shell out a tremendous reservoir of cash just for a single ring.

Enter the illusion settings, which can be divided into pure illusion types and illusion cluster types. The latter having one larger center stone in the middle of many smaller stones, and the prior consisting of several small stones arranged in a specific orientation. Either way, the motivation for these types of setting is clear- to create the semblance or appearance of a much larger stone, but within the boundaries of a smart budget.

The reason for this lies in the fact that smaller diamonds, especially melee sizes, are much easier to obtain than larger ones. They are cheaper, and it's much more feasible to get several small diamonds out of a rough stone's ore compared to getting one giant piece out of it. Rough ore usually tends to have inclusions and fractures which would deter the possibility of producing a high quality single diamond. Sometimes cutters find that the only feasible way of cutting the rough, would be to split it into several small pieces, hence the greater number of small-sized diamonds at comparatively cheaper prices on the market.

Illusion-type cluster settings are some of the most popular diamond jewelry choices among Filipinos in Metro Manila today, mainly due to their practicality, affordability and overall increased brilliance factor.

Here in Quezon City and its many subdivisions, the area is home to millions of hard-working individuals who like to spread out their investments into a range of assets. Jewelry can be a storage of wealth, along with real estate, art and stocks. It plays to their practical mindset however, to find ways of making the best out of your budget. Illusion settings do precisely that. Many diamond rings set in this style, conveys a brilliance that can still be incredibly breathtaking and marvelous. From afar, no one is even able to tell the difference between several smaller, illusion set diamonds, and one larger solitaire set piece.

Other people sometimes argue that another alternative would be to purchases synthetic diamonds, as these are cheaper than their natural counterparts, and still show the famed beauty of the gemstone. It really depends on your way of thinking. For many collectors, synthetic diamonds are seen as manufactured-products that have a declining rarity factor- as they can just be produced in unlimited quantities, especially with the growing evolution of technology. Machines for synthetic or cultured diamond production are just getting cheaper each year.

Many who think this way, but still prefer to be on budget, would prefer a group of smaller, natural diamonds compared to a man-made product. In light of this, a lot of Filipinos tend to choose illusion or cluster settings for their bridal and wedding jewelry, thinking of the saved investment value and magnified appearance of these jewelry pieces. They prefer having the best of two worlds, and getting the most out of their money.
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