This Beauty Company is Putting Tourmaline Gemstones in their Revitalizing Facemasks

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It's not new that many people look to crystals for revitalizing or healing energies. Although this subject is quite separate from the field of gemology, we found it very curious how modern day businesses seem to be adapting to this long-standing trend.

Certain crystals like tourmaline for example, have scientifically documented properties- like being both piezoelectric and pyroelectric. This means that if the gem is put under pressure or subject to specific temperature changes, it generates an electric charge that can be felt.

Make-up and skin care companies across the world are finding new ways of appreciating gemstones in response to the trend of crystal revitalization.

Micronized Brazilian Tourmaline is being used in a face mask product sold by a brand called Herbivore. They say that the gemstone's presence creates a warming feeling that aids in healthy physiological circulation. While we can't claim to comment on the actual measurable effect of tourmaline on circulation, it is admittedly a very curious product, even to mineralogists who know about the gem's unique electric-heat properties.

Other brands have also tried infusing gems such as moonstone feldspar, citrine and certain forms of chalcedony. It's also public knowledge that quartz and its many varieties also possess the piezoelectric trait, which could be the direct inspiration for the gemstone's integration into many revitalizing and wellness products.

Gems are starting to move across industries, from predominantly being encapsulated by the jewelry trade, to gaining popularity as additives in perfumes, candles, and even certain projects related to biotechnology.

Most of these scenarios however, make use of crushed or micronized gemstone bits, as their mineralogical properties hold true to a certain degree of miniaturization. It would still be too expensive to use facet-grade or jewelry-grade gemstone specimens for beauty products. These highly prized rarities of nature command much higher values and are still reserved for the luxury markets and auction houses of the world's high societies.

(Note: We do not recommend products mentioned on this article in any way, nor do we support any claims they make about their variety of effects. Only use or purchase them at your own discretion.)

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