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Did You Know? Filipinos Rank Among Asia's Most Dedicated Diamond Buyers Today

In every part of the world, you'll notice a specific trend that governs the tastes of people who see themselves as serious jewelry collectors. Many nationalities differ in their own preference of what gemstone provides the most satisfaction in a wholesome sense- appeal, investment, cultural significance. Filipinos undoubtedly have ties to two of the gem world's front runners in the trade, pearls and diamonds.

Pearls have been revered by Philippine culture for decades, due to the archipelago's deep-rooted connection to the Palawan and South China seas. The golden south sea pearl (Pinctada maxima) is one of our country's premier luxury exports, and is indeed one of the world's most beloved gems.

The majority however, would primarily choose to purchase diamonds over any other precious or semi-precious gemstone. The culture of giving diamonds as gifts, not only during engagement ceremonies and weddings, but also during many other family-oriented occasions, is quite prevalent among much of the population today, especially in the bigger cities of Manila, Cebu and Davao.

Filipinos have a penchant for selecting investment grade diamonds, possibly stemming from international influences that have westernized our tastes in jewelry. Diamonds after all, are the world's most widely marketed fine-gemstone, and account for more than 76% of the international gem-trade's business activity.

If you take a look at other countries, you'll find that each has its own specific gem of choice among their societies. China has a great admiration for jade, which can come from either the jadeite or nephrite species. Colombia puts importance on Emerald, as the Muzo and Chivor areas remain to be some of the planet's best sources for the finest green gems.

Our history of being a modern, partially westernized country in Asia, promotes a population where choices tend to agree with global preferences and selections. Most of the younger generation follow the habits of their predecessors, and today's millennial population also believes in the symbol of commitment and eternity that diamonds convey. We are indeed, romantics at heart, and a stone that can travel through centuries unfazed, would genuinely appeal to that part of us.

After diamonds, pearls are the most widely purchased gem in the country, followed by a three-way tie between ruby, sapphire and emerald. These fine varieties are directly above popular more affordable stones like amethyst and citrine.
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