Asia is the New Home of the Jewelry Industry

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A shift towards Asia is brewing in the jewelry trade. Where in the past, fine 18 karat gold and diamond jewelry would traditionally be linked only to western countries like Italy, now the focus is on countries like Hong Kong, China and Thailand.

The tri-annual jewelry shows in Hong Kong boast the largest number of attendees from all over the world, with the third-part June expo beginning just a few days from now. The Hong Kong convention center and Asiaworld expo has hosted thousands of jewelry sellers and raw gemstone dealers every year, unveiling the newest trends and movements in the realms of design, gemology and luxury.

Thailand is currently deepening its growth as a processing or treatment hub for rubies and sapphire, with over 90% of stones passing through their facilities for heat treatment and other procedures. Although a premium value exists for beautiful untreated gemstones, it's quite normal today for even very expensive rubies to undergo some form of light heating. Certain other gems that are also routinely heated are aquamarine and tanzanite.

China's foray into the world of jewelry is no surprise, with a rise in their newly-rich population due to the fact that the country's economy has been evolving for many decades now. The buyers from China are growing more strategic and discerning in the type of jewelry they want, becoming more aware of issues like synthetic / man-made diamonds, gemstone treatments and faked certificates.

Asia's movement into the heart of the jewelry industry is met with mixed reactions from the international community, but the ease of travel to countries like Hong Kong, which was formerly under British influence, has made it easier for different nationalities to congregate and do business in the field.

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