Why We Do Not Buy or Sell Gemstones and Jewelry as a Gemological Laboratory

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As a proper third-party evaluation needs to be the most objective it can be, most international laboratories do not participate in the buying or selling of items they examine.

Gemcamp is no exception, our laboratory and its resident staff are prohibited from making purchases from anything brought in to the lab. We will also never offer you any gems for sale, which jewelry stores sometimes do in order to provide clients with alternative sale options after checking their items.

This is very important to remove the issue of bias. Selling jewelry may decrease the confidence of objectivity, where an owned-piece might for example, be described as sub-par compared to an item for sale.

The option for an organization to also buy off a piece of jewelry also posts the conflicting idea of: would they evaluate it honestly, if they are the ones going to buy it themselves? For these and many more reasons, laboratories like Gemcamp do not engage in any exchange of jewelry or gems. This practice in prohibition, as far as we know, is shared by other several other well-known labs around the world.

Gemcamp also does not own or operate pawnshops, loaning facilities which are becoming increasingly popular here in the Philippines. We are strictly a gemological laboratory that evaluates on a pure third-party standard.

For complete transparency in the disclosure of your items' evaluative information, we hold ourselves to the highest degree of strictness regarding this matter.

Gemcamp Laboratories

A Discovery Institute for Gemstones and Gemology

Our resident gemologists believe in encouraging public trust within the jewellery industry through shared education, value transparency and professionalism.


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