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The Growing Trend of Permanent* Jewelry

For a lot of people, buying jewelry denotes having a varied collection of fashionable yet interchangeable pieces that one could mix and match for different occasions. Most would say that jewelry, much like all other accessory types, pairs itself to the moods and tastes of wearers- which can change from day to day.

In contrast to this, a growing trend seems to be banking on the complete opposite mentality. Although not technically new, people are now emphasizing the permanence of certain pieces of jewelry in their lives.

I'm sure you know some friends who every single day wear the same necklaces or rings that were given to them family heirlooms. Wedding bands also work in he same way- that you never really remove them much after you say your vows. This concept of jewelry holding a deep sense of sentimental value can be seen in a revised retro-classical trend called permanent jewelry.

Photography by American jewelry design store Catbird, which just opened a welding annex for this trend of jewelry usage.

This basically involves certain pieces (most notably bracelets and necklaces) that are subtly yet strongly welded from end-to-end around a wearer's body. The length or size of the piece is usually just large enough to fit comfortably, but not to squeeze out of or slip past.

Many who follow this trend, do so with the purpose of commitment- much similar to how engagement rings act as a promise of marriage. These people commit to wearing their jewelry items for long durations or even for their entire lifetimes. In some cases this act is done because the person wants a visual and lasting remembrance of someone or something, which could be a partner, a promise, a family member or even a milestone in his or her life.

Permanent jewelry usually takes the form of more simple, less showy styles. If diamonds or other precious stones are used, these are most often of lower carat weights to provide a long-term comfortable feel to the piece. It would also be unwise to wear a giant 3ct diamond for example, to some certain localities, like a dark alleyway or a place known for pickpockets.

Whether the jewelry styles you subscribe to, are for permanence or switch-ability, the industry always creates more trends that seem to relate to most people's sentimental needs in life.
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