The Most Expensive Coin in Australia Has Pink Diamonds Encrusted into it.

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Coin collectors are no strangers to many of their most prized possessions being made up of precious metals like gold and silver. It's not quite as common though to find golden coins crafted with something as rare as a pink diamond.

Naturally colored pink diamonds, are some of the rarest gemstones on the planet, and can exceed the values of equivalent-quality colorless diamonds of the same size. These coveted stones are often hard to find, but Australia's Argyle mine has been known to produce many of history's most brilliant pink diamond specimens.

Here, Perth Mint unveils the most expensive collector's coin in the country to date. Let's take a look.

The entire piece weighs about two kilograms and is separated into two parts; an outermost ring and an inner core. The design emulates traditional and historical motifs from Australia, paying homage to the culture, nature and wildlife. The entire coin is made up of 99.99% pure gold, and features not just one, but four beautifully selected pink Argyle diamonds from the country's own soil.

This collector's coin has been named the Discovery Gold Coin, and inspiration for it was inspired by the holey dollar (1814, introduced by Lachlan Macquarie). The diamonds that are part of the coin, are accompanied by a document from Argyle speaking about their authenticity.

If the Philippines ever gets to have its own commemorative gold coin, perhaps the design impart some of our country's jewelry-related heritage as well, maybe elements of the gold-lipped Pinctanda maxima pearl will be added to the theme.

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