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Diamonds Do Good, First Video Gets About 11 Million Impressions on Youtube

The Diamond Empowerment Fund (or D.E.F. for short) is creating a series of videos themed towards showing millennials the good that diamonds and diamond mining can do. In the recent years, we know that unfortunately the diamond trade has sometimes been seen as an inadvertent cause for the funding for civil unrest in certain countries. Films like blood diamond, created the mindset that maybe all diamonds are involved with evil and violence, which is simply not the case.

The D.E.F's first video, which was very short but candidly created, showcased a man narrating about the love of his life, and their journey to the diamond mines of northern Canada. He recalls how the industry actually helped sustain the local wildlife and environment, creating an economy that could serve to protect the community, in contrast to the Hollywood films we often see today.

The video itself was just one minute long, but garnered about 5 million views (of the whole presentation) and 7 million views of at least 30 seconds. This shows that people, especially millennials are also open to seeing things in all possible perspectives. Diamonds are just like most products, they can be used for good or evil, but that is up to the people mining them, and the ones buying them.

This first video called 'Conservation', helps the public see the positive side of the diamond trade, in order to dilute away the very violent or selfish themes that Hollywood often associates with the subject of diamonds and jewelry (i.e., violence, heists, robberies).

The subject of the video may not be as flashy as the plots of blockbuster movies, but they show a real side to the diamond industry, and they somehow remind us that earth-mined diamonds also do good in the world, influencing a more positive impact not just for the environment but for many societies as well.

The video can actually be watched here, via their Youtube channel.
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