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Checking and Evaluating Your Diamond Jewellery at Gemcamp Laboratories

"Gemcamp laboratories offer third-party diamond and colored stone evaluation and examination services for both your loose or jewelry-mounted gemstones."

Diamonds are evaluated for the 4C's (color, clarity, cut grade and carat weight), as well checked using advanced detection procedures to see whether they were naturally mined or artificially created by man (i.e. CVD / HPHT growth methods).

Our testing services (for 2019 schedules & onward dates) are only for transparent fully faceted-cut gemstones, but not for raw, rough or partially-cut gem materials. We currently now only maintain instruments and equipment for the testing of transparent faceted gemstones (and transparent cabochons) for this year and potential dates beyond. Our institute offers gemological reports for both coloured gemstones and diamonds, encompassing both gem identity and quality grade opinion.

Each stone is thoroughly examined by a resident (GIA-graduate) gemologist in front of you, for complete ethical transparency, convenience and your own peace of mind.

We make use of photoluminescence analysis via spectrometry to check for natural diamond identity against potential lab-grown diamonds that are popular on today's market. Lab-grown diamonds created by the CVD and HPHT growth methods are very difficult for even experienced jewellers to detect, as one requires special equipment and field knowledge for their proper separation. Basic jewelry testers such as those DIY pen-type machines that rely on thermal conductivity or electrical conductivity (moissanite testers) will not be able to differentiate lab-grown diamonds from natural ones. Likewise the presence of just any type of black inclusions, does not conclusively identify a stone as natural diamond. Both natural and man-made diamonds can possess black coloured inclusions. The specific type of inclusions can sometimes help in the verification process, but an experienced gemologist is needed to properly check and evaluate these traits. Guesswork by jewellers or collectors can often lead to very expensive mistakes in the trade.

Our laboratory does not buy or sell gemstones of any kind, thereby eliminating the potential for bias when conferring our independent grading opinion on your diamonds or diamond jewelry. We also do not specifically recommend or discourage sale for any ethically represented gemstone being marketed or sold by any one person, group or retailer. Our employees and staff gemologists do not accept any type of monetary incentive or commission for adjusting or increasing grade opinions, all evaluation results are accomplished completely independent of the client, potential buyer or any other grading institute, retailer or group.

With the rise in quantity of undisclosed lab-grown diamonds worldwide and in the country, we provide an additional level of checking for consumers and stores alike, to help them gain a better understanding of their precious gemstones and jewelry investments.
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