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7 Spectacular Engagement and Wedding Ring Ideas that Personalize Your Relationship

Everyone's searching for that special ring that speaks volumes about how much they love their partners. It's not so easy to think of something original and meaningful these days, due to all the over-commercializing that goes on in the Philippine jewelry industry. Gemcamp's gemologists took interest in this because of all the people having their loose diamonds evaluated at the laboratory. Many of them express the desire to find the 'perfect' setting, although are admittedly having trouble finding something that looks different enough to be unique, yet elegant enough to be considered as treasured jewelry.

An engagement ring, just like a pair of wedding bands, is something that you should choose with your heart. It doesn't always have to be something overly fancy or expensive, just special and extraordinary to the both of you. Stories are the best kinds of treasures, and jewelry that reminds you of your stories will surely be much more appreciated than anything else, even after the marriage ceremony.

1. A Modernist Classic - Creative Fancy Shaped Solitaires

Everyone seems to believe that round diamonds are the most favored among women, but recent studies have shown that today's younger generations prefer different orientations when it comes to their own personal diamond jewelry. Experimenting with fancy cut diamonds, like the sideways pear shape, the Asscher cut or triangular brilliant stones can add a little more character to your proposal ring, and yet not stray too far away from tradition.

2. Alternate Gemstones - Using Sapphires, Pearls and Rubies Instead of Diamonds

Princess Diana's famous engagement ring had a bright blue sapphire at its center, instead of a white diamonds like people would usually expect. Hers was a special kind of ring that accentuated her love for the vivid ocean color. Such a trend has been increasing, as we often see engagement rings forego the typical diamond center, in favor of intensely colored rubies and sapphires. Pearls have also been a popular choice for alternative gemstones, as it deeply associates itself with nature and the graceful promise of romance.

3. Her Personal Sign - Constellations, Zodiacs and Symbols

Whether it's naming a star after someone, or simply remembering her zodiac sign, it makes a big difference when we add a special element of individuality to our gestures of love. Some people have found the prospect of constellation jewelry to be beautifully ethereal, using them as engagement rings to highlight the significant importance of their partner's existence throughout their life stories.

4. Saying I Love You - Voice Recordings Turned into Jewelry

A fairly new, but original idea- was to convert sound-waves into physical shapes for jewelry creation. Every person has a different pitch, tone and volume when they say 'I love you' to their partners. This unique fact allows soundscape rings to depict a sense of uniqueness and creativity, with none having a duplicate in the entirety of history. This is one way to preserve the that special feeling you take in, as the person you treasure the most reminds you that they love you.

5. A Shared Passion - Hobbies that Transcend Traditions

We've seen many younger couples gush about how much they love a certain series, or franchise. Be it Star trek, Pokemon or Jurassic Park. Many wedding themes and songs are actually drawn up from passions that the couple shares together. So given this, why not make it official with your very own memento of double geekiness. Wedding rings that show the world your true unhidden natures as fans of something, and of each other.

6. What Makes You, You - Fingerprint Embossed Rings

What better to share with your lover, than a part of yourself that no one else can copy. A fingerprint marked engagement ring says more about you than words can describe. It conveys to your partner that you are willing to join your lives together, down to even the tiniest parts. Some couples have wedding rings made using a combination of both their fingerprints, creating another original treasure that each can carry with them wherever they go.

7. Homemade Creativity - Creating Your Rings Together

Not everyone is a jeweler or knows how to work with precious metals, but lately the usage of gold and silver clays have allowed people to express their creativity as artists through their originally-made jewelry. Freeform and contemporary-styled engagement rings are quite popular these days, and what could be better than rings that are created from scratch, with the intent of true love that lasts a lifetime.

If you're still looking for another way to acquire special wedding rings, we've heard that some celebrity couples forego jewelry entirely and just have the imprint of rings tattooed on their ring fingers. This is actually quite sweet, as the permanence of marriage can be seen through the gesture. Not everyone would be willing to get a tattoo though, pointy needles and all.
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