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A Vending Machine that Dispenses Fine Jewelry? Now We've Seen Everything.

Typically, you wouldn't see fine jewelry being sold anywhere else aside from a fancy retail boutique. Sure, the internet makes buying through online jewelry stores a growing trend too, but wait till you see what this woman has created for her business idea.

Enter the jewelry vending machines created by Marla Aaron, which dispense fine gold jewelry straight from the unit. Aaron, whose carbiner shaped locket pendants have made her brand a popular choice for New York shoppers, has always loved the idea of curious vending machines ever since she saw them in Japan. The multitudes of colorful units dispensing all sorts of toys, drinks and utilities gave her the inspiration to bridge this high end market using a typically commercial-level mechanism.

The largely innovative and risky move seems to have caught the attention of publications like the New York Post and Vanity Fair, along with several others who have recently been amazed at the concept. Aaron quickly states that despite using a traditionally low-end medium of sales for her jewelry, her vending machine is not the same as the masses of others out there. With ordering done through a large touch-screen panel, and products dispensed pre-wrapped in signature gift boxes, her machines automate the ambience of luxury often expected of the industry.

It's interesting to note how this unique idea plays to the impulsive strengths of popular trends like instant gratification and fast-selling. It does however, seem to contradict the normally personal ambience you would usually expect from the jewelry industry, especially at the mid-to-high tiers of products (like branded 14k and 18k gold items).

The fine jewelry vending machines play a video sharing the brand's story with onlookers and buyers alike. Their entire item range of gold and silver accessories spans prices from 100 to 1500 US dollars, and makes sure that the return process is also easy for customers to choose, if by chance they decide to.

Remarkable changes are happening daily in the gemstone and jewelry trade. It's astounding to see such ideas being churned out from individuals and smaller brands, compared to the usual large-scale design houses. Concepts like this obviously target the younger generations, millennials and maybe quirky older folks, but you do have to wonder however, if a vending machine that dispenses jewelry will be accepted in the long term- as a luxury selling concept.
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