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The Feng Shui of Diamond Engagement Rings

Here in Metro Manila, Feng Shui has become an influential part of many peoples' lifestyles, especially when it comes to the things they own and show. Despite this being outside of the realm of scientific gemology, we curiously wanted to understand how the mentality of Feng Shui affects Filipinos and Chinese jewelry buyers today. What does it mean when you purchase a diamond for the cultivation of good harmonious energy, as they would say?


We asked a local Feng Shui expert on what he thought of giving diamond rings as a gift, especially for people looking towards an engagement. In response to this question, the long-time practitioner of Feng Shui told us that diamonds for him symbolized a strong and lasting energy, that protects the couple for their entire lifetime, instilling fidelity and trust into the birth of a new committed relationship.

Apparently, he mentioned to us that when choosing a diamond engagement ring, the traditional solitaire or solo stone is by far the best choice, as it promotes the notion of "one and only", fortifying the strength and bond of a marriage.

The Feng Shui energy that emanates from a diamond is also heightened with single larger stones, rather than several smaller ones of the same total carat weight. He mentioned that one large stone, surrounded by several smaller melee stones is a better channeler for this energy compared to three medium-sized stones mounted side-by-side. It's often said that the number three is not good for relationships, and not a good number for any included property to be placed in a couple's bedroom.

Wedding bands are a trickier topic for Feng Shui practitioners, as the popular trend of "stackable" diamond wedding rings seems to cause trouble with the harmonic energy they prescribe. The fact that a single design is halved into two, creates a sense of tension and separation. This is highly dependent on the type of design in place though.

Aside from talking to us a bit about diamonds, he mentioned that many other popular crystals play a large part in driving good and positive energy (chi) around the household. Sapphires for example, promote devotion and loyalty, rubies increase one's sense of passion, and emeralds allow the induction of vitality into life.

Citrine has also been famously said to symbolize abundance, wealth or fortune. Despite it being a relatively affordable stone, the golden color of this quartz variety bodes well with the energies that many Chinese businesses seem to desire.

In any case, it was quite interesting to see how gemstones and crystals play a role in this practice that has captured the lifestyles of so many people here in the Philippines.
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